Internship Testimonials

Internship Testimonials

Over the course of my internship, there was two things that I really enjoyed; the people and the events. The people at the Kansas City Sports Commission and WIN made my time here worthwhile. The way that everyone interacts with each other shows how much they all enjoy what they do. I also loved working all the events!

I got to witness history in the making for two female sports. UCM coming back and winning in PK’s to end a perfect season and Nebraska setting a new NCAA record for attendance! Those are stories that I will be able to share with others, rather than listening to someone tell me about the events.

 – Mesi Price (Fall 2017)

Growing up watching, competing, and coaching sports, I’ve always had a good sense of how the athletics world works. What I didn’t know is HOW much actually goes into it; the planning, the communicating, the marketing, the money, the social media, the pure mass of people involved behind the scenes, how to establish your own events, and how to effectively bring a championship to a city. These are a few things I have learned and observed in my short time here as an intern at the Kansas City Sports Commission.  Click here to read the rest of the blog post.

– Alexa Bordewick (Fall 2015)

The Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation Internship program was one of the best experiences I had.  Every single person here wants to bring something new and exciting to Kansas City and will do whatever it takes to get that done.  They work just as hard to get the interns involved and teach you about what goes into all the different events.  After the internship with the Sports Commission, you will love Kansas City and all it has to offer in sports!

 – Abbey Lewis (Spring 2015)

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience at the KCSC in large part due to the welcoming family atmosphere that the staff brings towards new interns.  The internship program allows for growth in all areas of professional development from networking with other Kansas City businesses and sport organizations, to hands on experience at major events such as the Big 12 Championship and the Sports Commission Awards Banquet.  The Sports Commission has a great impact and reputation in the Kansas City Metro area, and I am confident that my experience at the KCSC expanded my knowledge of the Kansas City market, while helping to assist my desire to stay in Kansas City and land a full time position in the sports industry.

– Michael Ropp (Spring 2015)

Interning with the Kansas City Sports Commission was a highlight of my college career.  Not only did it grant me workplace experience but provided me an opportunity to better understand the nonprofit sector while connecting me to outstanding professionals in the Kansas City area.  I will be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge I gained during my time here.

– Sydney Crimmins (Spring 2015)

Having the opportunity to complete an internship with the Kansas City Sports Commission helped me become the professional that I am today.  I was able to gain work experience at events like the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship and Kansas City Sports Awards Banquet.  I was also able to gain professional experience by learning from some of the best and brightest in the Kansas City sports industry each and every day at the office.

– Josh Bohr (Spring 2014)

When you intern at the Kansas City Sports Commission, you are doing more than gaining knowledge of numerous city-wide sports based events.  You are building relationships and formulating connections that will last throughout your life.  To this day I still communicate with the staff not only on a professional level, but on a personal level.  You are able to gain new experiences as you contribute to all departments while learning the ins and outs of how a small nonprofit can make such a large impact on Kansas City.  I am proud to say that the Kansas City Sports Commission was where I got my start.

– Dakota Strange (Spring/Summer 2013)