Camp WIN: Ready for Round Two

Camp-WIN-NikeComing in for the summer as an intern, you really don’t know what to expect.  Some people tell you stories about their past experiences being an intern at a variety of different places – some good, some bad.  But coming in and learning you have to work a camp with 300+ little girls, you REALLY don’t know what to expect.

Growing up around sports my entire life, I have attended many different sports camps whether this being volleyball, basketball, track, dance and so on.  I have also been able to work many different camps serving as a team coach and leader, learning different lessons along the way.  But never have I participated or worked a camp quite as special as the one I experienced a few weeks ago called Camp WIN.

Over 200+ girls. 4 days.  Learning 16 different sports in the summer heat. Sounds crazy right?

Crazy is one way to describe it, a gym full of energized girls learning new workouts from professional Nike trainers.  Or it could be described as life changing, watching girls learn and excel in sports, gaining life lessons and just simply seeing them smile and have fun while being with their friends.

Camp WIN allows girls to find what sport truly fits them or ones that don’t.  The opportunity these girls are given to grow as an athlete and even more as a person is incredible.

round twoOne of my favorite parts about Camp was the wrestling session. Wrestling, not usually known as a girls sport, was taught by four coaches who got the girls engaged in what they were teaching and brought out the competitiveness in every single one in there.  The coaches set up a two team competition, where two campers got to see who could push the other one out of the ring first.  Both of the teams cheered and chanted for their team members, creating such a fun atmosphere for everyone involved.  It also help that one of the female wrestling coaches used one of our male interns as a demonstration dummy and flipped and threw him on the mat harder and faster than he expected.  Cal was a good sport about it, while all of us other interns rolled on the floor laughing.

Throughout this four-day period, four different phrases were instilled in the girls to carry throughout their entire lives – respect, dream big, never give up, and leadership.  I personally think these phrases are ones that people should live by, on or off the field.

round twoThe bond that was made between the team captains and their campers was special.  Seeing them all take pictures together on the last day and signing each other’s shirts are memories and bonds that will never be forgotten.  Memories I have never forgotten from my experiences with different camps.

Camp WIN has exceeded my expectations from the coaches, team captains, staff, volunteers and energetic little kiddos. As a child, I wish I would have been able to be a part of Camp WIN.  I am a firm believer that sports help shape people and prepare them better for all the obstacles that come their way throughout life.

This week, we are more than ready to take on round two of Camp WIN by helping empower girls through sports.

By Kelsey Lacy, Marketing Intern