Finding her inner me while training for the Triathlon

Inner MeMy journey to the triathlon world began a little over two years ago when I saw a posting about the WIN triathlon on social media.  I was intrigued about the women’s only focus as well as the challenge to try something new that was complete out of my comfort and fitness zone.   In the last 4 years I have worked hard on finding my inner me, which also had a bi product of changing my outward appearance as well.  After traveling a lot for work, I decided there needed to be a change in my life and my priories.  I took time for me, focusing on healthy eating habits, learning to say “no,” and most importantly making time for me.  Those changes resulted in many amazing things, one that is easy to see, a loss of 150 lbs. is.  Although this accomplished is not something to dismiss, it’s not my biggest accomplishment.  The change in the way I prioritize my life with a focus on fitness, I seek to find new and exciting challenges and most importantly how can I support my family and friends without sacrificing my own needs and goals.

When I am not training for a triathlon you will find me at one of my many jobs which currently are a training specialist at Shook, Hardy and Bacon L.L. or I might be the technician at the Apple Store on the Plaza helping you fix your phone and when I have a few spare moments I have my own technology consulting and catering companies.  Yes, you could say I am somewhat a busy gal.   I somehow find time to make all these things work but I will warm you, it does involve some early morning wake ups, usually around 4:15 am. The key is making priorities and sticking with them, it is not easy and it does mean sacrificing a few things at times. Yet none of this would be achievable without my husband, my riding coach and my best friend.  We all need a champion, someone that will be there when we fall off our bikes or have cramp in our leg while running or just overwhelmed at the craziness of life.

If you are seeking a change, for your fitness or for yourself, the WIN for KC Tri is your first step to achieving your goal.  The community of amazing women will provide the resources and comrade you need to achieve your goals and have some fun along the way.

Angela has been competing in triathlons for over two years. She works multiple jobs but still finds the time to train even if it means getting up before the sun. Her involvement in the sport has led to some major life changes including a 150 pound weight loss, as well as a new outlook on life and how to care for herself.