First-time triathlete does research then action


Joni researchJoni here again with an update on my Triathlon preparations.  The thing weighing heavily on my mind right now is which bike to ride.  I am trying to keep the cost down so I want to use one of the bikes that I already have, even though neither is a road bike.

I have an old mountain bike that currently has a flat tire or a hot pink hybrid bike that looks like an old school cruiser but has gears.  When I first started riding her, I couldn’t believe how much easier and fun it was than the mountain bike.  The problem you ask?   Great big handle bars that are hard to steer around tight corners and you sit perfectly upright on it.  So do I go for the bike that will blend in better but will be harder to ride or do I go for the goofy looking bike that is easier to ride?   I’m thinking for my first triathlon, easier is better!

I recently bought a few things to prepare me for the training and the race.  First up was the swim cap.    After 10 unsuccessful attempts, I went to the internet.  Sure enough there is a video out there that shows you how to put it on.  Not super easy, but I got it on.  My instructions said it’s easier when your hair is wet.  What?  I thought the purpose of it was to keep your hair dry.  Finally I thought, duh, it’s to make you aerodynamic and has nothing to do with keeping your hair pretty.  Good grief, I have a lot to learn.

Next up were the tri shorts, which I had done all of the appropriate measurement before ordering.   Those things are TIGHT.  But I guess you don’t want them falling off in the water.   Plus now I have a back-up pair of Spanx.   My next challenge is to figure out where I am going to stash my chapstick during the race.  I have a serious addiction to the stuff!  Well and I guess I better figure out my training plan too.

Joni is a first-time triathlete that says she always does research first and action second. After buying a book and registering for the WIN for KC Triathlon, Joni added something to her list of New Year’s resolutions and can’t wait to check it off in July!