Fostering Wellness with Blue KC

wellnessBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) has been doing business in Kansas City for more than 75 years, but what we do goes beyond providing some of the best health insurance in our hometown. It is about helping Kansas City be well. To be truly healthy you need much more than a great health insurance plan. You need fresh air, wholesome food, a clear mind and a strong body capable of carrying you and the ones you love fearlessly towards the finish line. That’s why we partner with local people and organizations, like the Kansas City Marathon, to create powerful initiatives to help Kansas City become a more vibrant place live, work and raise a family.

wellnessLet’s go to the Blue KC Kitchen + Café! Blue KC’s Executive Chef Kyle Williams has traveled the globe from working with famous chefs in Italy to New York City and even made a guest appearance on the Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay. He’s originally from Kansas City and is committed to providing access to great food, educating people about food and how we all can feel better when we eat the right things! Learn more about Chef Kyle and his culinary creations by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Chef Kyle has put together a great pre-race snack and post-race feast for all the Kansas City Marathon participants!

Best wishes for a fearless race.

KC Marathon Pre-Race Snack: POWER ENERGY BITES
Oats – 1 cup (dry)
Coconut Flakes, Toasted – 2/3 cup
Peanut Butter, Natural, Creamy – 1/2 cup
Flaxseed, Ground – 1/4 cup
Wheat Germ – 1/4 cup
Cocoa Nibs – 3/4 cup
Local Honey, raw – 2/3 cup
Chia Seeds – 1 Tbsp.
Pure vanilla extract – 2 tsp.

Method of Preparation:

  1. Pulse oats in kitchen blender, 3-5 times.
  2. In large mixing bowl, add rest of ingredients and mix well with hands wearing food safe gloves. Work all ingredients into each other.
  3. Roll into small balls.
  4. Chill in refrigerator for two hours.
  5. Serve.

Chef notes:
Can use certified gluten free oats and omit wheat germ to make this recipe gluten free.

(two servings)

Ribeye steak, sliced or kept whole – 16 oz.
Bacon, thick cut, large dice – 1-2 cups
Corn off the cob – 1 cup
Yellow onions – 1/2 cup
Carrots, diced – 1/2 cup
Peas – 1/2 cup
Fresh garlic, minced – 1 Tbsp.
Olive oil – 1 Tbsp.
Optional – chorizo or plain sausage – 1/4 cup -1 cup

Mashed Potatoes
Red bliss potatoes, small, quartered – 3-4 cups
Water – as needed
Milk, whole – 1-3 cups
Butter – 1-5+ Tbsp.
Salt – to taste
Pepper – to taste

Chicken broth – 2 cups
Flour – 2 Tbsp.
Butter – 4 Tbsp.
Salt – to taste
Pepper – to taste
Butter #2 – 1-2 Tbsp.

Crispy onions – 1/4 cup
Paprika – dashes
Himalayan pink salt – ground – to taste (found at Trader Joe’s)
Chives, fresh, sliced – 2 Tbsp.

Method of Preparation:

  1. Mash potatoes: Cook potatoes in enough water to cover until tender. Drain water, add the rest of ingredients and season to taste. Reserve on side hot.
  2. Gravy: To make roux (thickening agent) add butter and flour to sauce pan on medium heat and stir / cook for 2-3 minutes. Add broth to pan and whisk until smooth and thick. Season to taste with salt and pepper then whisk in enough butter to make you happy. Reserve on side hot.
  3. Steak Succotash: In large oven proof sauté pan add oil, bacon (and sausage if desired), onions, carrots, salt, pepper and sauté on medium heat.  Should take about 5-7 minutes until bacon gets golden brown color.
  4. On charcoal grill or another large sauté pan, begin to sear steak that has been seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper on high.
  5. Add corn, peas and garlic to bacon pan. Season to taste.
  6. If grilling, transfer oven proof sauté pan to grill and cook alongside steak on the grill. If you have any apple, cherry, or mesquite wood for smoking, add it at this time. Cover with grill lid.
  7. Allow steak to cook to your proper level of doneness (rare – well done).
  8. When finished to your liking, remove both items from grill and begin to plate.
  9. Plating: Place mash potatoes at bottom of plate, add bacon succotash, add steak.
  10. Garnish: Use all ingredients from list to your liking.

Chef notes:

  • Local KC Grass fed ribeye steak is a great choice.  Can be found at Hen House meat counter.  Can sub any other steak if desirable.
  • Can add your favorite cheese to this dish.
  • Healthy beverage pairing: Coconut water & watermelon smoothie w/ local raw honey and a dash of Himalayan pink salt.
  • If grilling is not preferred, can cook entire meal using sauté pans.

Bon Appétit!

By Staci Schottman, Senior Account Manager, Marketing and Communications, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City