Jackie Frost is an athlete all her life

JackieHi, my name is Jackie Frost.  I am a wife, mother of three, full-time student, marathon runner, and a triathlete.  I am an athlete.  Oh, and I really, really like homemade guacamole and salsa.

I have always had a passion for participating in sports, especially running.  I loved playing sports through high school; I played on the soccer team and was also a cheerleader (even though my boys like to tease me that cheerleading is not real sport).  Soccer allowed me opportunities to fuel my love for running.  After high school I chose to continue running for fitness, but mostly for mental clarity it provided.  Through the changes of seasons in my life, running has been my constant.  When I married Mr. Wonderful he fully supported my “running addiction” as many of my friends called it.

Until 2002 I had only run 5, 10, and 15k events.  Knowing that the next level was a half marathon, I finally decided to pull the trigger in 2002 and signed up for my first half marathon.  I instantly fell in love with everything about this distance, both the training plan & the actual event; I guess you could say I was hooked.  Since crossing the finish line of my first 13.1 event I have run 16 additional half marathons.  In 2007 I decided that a full marathon was logically the next step.  So there I was, at the starting line ready to run the next 26.2 miles…all for a medal. And the bragging rights.  Yeah, it was mostly for the bragging rights.  I apparently enjoyed it so much that I signed up for another one; this time opted for a destination event (Outerbanks).  If you have a choice, definitely opt for a destination marathon!

2008 was the year I decided that running was great, but I really wanted to branch out, and I was thinking triathlons.  The problem was, I couldn’t swim well.  You see, I had severed my bicep tendon twice.  Actually, I had severed it once while lifting weights and the doctor was able to piece it back together with anchors…and somehow I had managed to pull the anchors out during a softball game.  So there I was, two major shoulder surgeries and my range of motion reduced by 1/3 in my shoulder; but I refused to let that stop me from learning how to swim with this limitation.  I hired a swim instructor; folks, she was 15!  It was humbling to say the least.  She taught me how to use the good parts of my body and forget about the broken parts.  Maria told me on our first lesson, “Before you jump in that pool you decide if it’s going to be a good swim or a bad one, it’s up to you not your injury. Personally I would choose a good swim.” I wrote that in my journal because I knew I would need to read it again one day;  my girls (training buddies) can attest that I’ve spoken these same words to them before.

Fast forward to winter of 2008, I was standing in a community center pool getting ready to participate in my first (indoor) triathlon.  I was nervous, giddy, and ready for it to be over all at the same time.  The time passed so quickly, and I truly enjoyed every moment of it.  Since that first indoor triathlon I have participated in approximately 20 triathlons; I’d have to go home and count the medals to be sure. In 2011 several girlfriends convinced me to sign up with them for the women’s only triathlon in Smithville (WIN for KC Triathlon); truly the best registration money ever spent!  The following two years I talked my daughter into doing WIN with me; like me, she fell in love with the sport of triathlons.  (The only reason she sat out 2014 & 2015 is because she is serving a full-time mission in New Caledonia, but she has already stated that she will be back at the starting line next year.)  I asked her recently to summarize this particular triathlon and she said, “It is about empowering women, and no matter what happens, there will never be a woman left behind.”  I couldn’t agree more. I hope to see you at the starting line on July 25!

Jackie started off as a runner but after crossing the finish line of 16 half marathons and multiple marathons she decided to take on a new challenge. Despite having severed her bicep tendon twice, she has now completed over 20 triathlons and has gotten her daughter involved as well.