Ordering event medals is a long process

2015_KC_Marathon_Medals_300When do you start the design process for medals?

We are always thinking about the next medal.  How to improve, what are the new trends, what will be the new twist for the next year?  We begin the process immediately following the current year’s event.  Our event medals can take from 9-14 months to finalize from start to finish.

How do you come up with the medal design?

We begin with a theme.  The 2016 Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon with Ivy Investments was rebranded; therefore, we had a new theme to build off.  Our next step is to work with the professionals at Hasty Awards.  They are a fantastic partner of the Sports Commission and know what looks good and what will work well for a medal.

2015_Tri_Medal_250TSometimes it is one simply idea that springs the entire design.

How many edits do the medals go through?

The editing process can be very detailed with the medals.  We mull over every detail, especially spelling.  Our greatest nightmare would be to have a misspelling. We can go back-and-forth up to 10-15 times with edits for the medals.  Our goal is to provide the most appealing medal, a medal that will still remind the participant of their achievement 20 years down the road.

When are the medals ordered?

The lead time for the manufacturing of medals is about four months.  We have to make our best guess-estimation on how many medals will be needed months before an event happens.

2016_Big_12_Run_200wWhat do you do with the left over medals?

Our medals are recyclable, so we give any extreme excess to Hasty Awards to recycle.  However, we always keep a stockpile of event medals for at least a year in case of need.

What is your favorite part of the medal process?

I enjoy the creative side of the process.  Trying to finalize a design that will leave our participants happy.  Every time a participant compliments our medal that is a great feeling.

by Daveron Kennedy, Senior Events Manager