Time for a “Six Month Checkup”

Kathy-Nelson-2011I started to schedule my dental six month checkup and hesitated.  Not because I don’t want to, as weird as it sounds, I actually don’t mind visiting my dentist every six months.  I am proud to tout that I have never worn braces, never had a root canal let alone even a filling. It probably helps that I brush twice a day and even floss, okay, now I’m bragging.

PrintI didn’t get my appointment scheduled because as I thought about the past six months I had to smile at the successes we’ve had in our office.

As you are brushing your teeth next time, take a moment to smile with me about all the great things that have happened in Kansas City sports so far this year.

And as you’re flossing, how can you not smile even more about our Kansas City Royals, Will Shields being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and that four FC Kansas City players are on the USA Women’s World Cup team!

Okay, dialing my dentist now.

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By Kathy Nelson, President & CEO