To be an intern at Kansas City Sports Commission

sports internsGrowing up watching, competing, and coaching sports, I’ve always had a good sense of how the athletics world works.  What I didn’t know is HOW much actually goes into it; the planning, the communicating, the marketing, the money, the social media, the pure mass of people involved behind the scenes, how to establish your own events, and how to effectively bring a championship to a city.  These are a few things I have learned and observed in my short time here as an intern at the Kansas City Sports Commission.

KC MarathonHaving no sense of what a “full work day” meant and being fresh out of college (which consisted of wearing sweats to class and maybe washing my hair that day); an internship in the professional world was all new to me.  They expect me to be in business casual attire sitting at the office from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.?

Adjusting to these longer days came easy when we were constantly being invited to various meetings, engaging with numerous people in the community, absorbing as much knowledge that we could bear.  Our supervisors trusted us with large tasks, relied on us to get a job done, and gave encouraging insight on our work.  They set up meetings with other sports oriented organizations for us to visit, to learn, to ask questions, and to make connections.  They made us feel included, that we had a voice, and gave us the tools for us to succeed in the sports industry.

2015MCollegeCup_FCIn my short time here, I’ve been able to watch the very inner most workings of the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon with Ivy Funds – an event DII_Football_175widethat hosts over 10,000 runners in downtown Kansas City.  I’ve been able to witness four Youth Clinics – a free sports camp for young children on Saturday mornings.  I’ve been able to observe how Big 12 media day operates and the details that go into making a great event.  I’ve been able to take a glimpse at how organizations work together to put on a NCAA championship.  Kansas City is hosting the Big 12 Women’s Soccer Championship, Division III Men’s & Women’s Soccer Championships, Division I Men’s College Cup Soccer Championship, Division II Football Championship, Big 12 Wrestling DIII_Soccer_Logo_175WChampionships, and Phillips 66 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship…all in the next five months!  I’ve gotten to experience downtown Kansas City in the midst of World Series excitement.  And most importantly, I’ve grasped how passionate the participants, the coaches, the staff, and the city is about sports.

Big 12 Conference Stacked 200wThus, I’ve learned about nonprofit organizations, I’ve learned about managing budgets, I’ve learned how to market to desired consumers, I’ve learned how impactful social media has become, I’ve learned how to communicate effectively, and I’ve learned that Kansas City sports can do no wrong.

All in all, I’ve learned an extraordinary amount about the world of sports; a world I claimed I knew everything about.

By Alexa Bordewick, Marketing Intern