Volunteering: A Family Affair

I became involved with the Kansas City Marathon in 2013 for the first time. I was no longer working as a kindergarten teacher, so my daughter,MarathonVolunteerWaterBottle Daveron Kennedy the Volunteer Coordinator, suggested I come from Oklahoma to help. I am always up for physical labor and knew Daveron could use the help. After that very educational and fun weekend, I told my daughter, “If I could get my siblings here next year, I know we can outwork some of these young people.” The challenge was out.

Being one of six siblings living in six different states, I knew the eldest brother from Alaska would not be able to attend in 2014. After talking with everyone, siblings from Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana and Maryland were ready for the volunteer experience of the KC Marathon. Because our family always has a good time as long as we are together, nieces and nephews representing Florida, Texas and Missouri decided to also join in for the weekend. It turned into a mini-family reunion. We had 13 family members join in on the fun.

2015MarathonKatelyn-MalloryAs a family, Daveron set us to work stuffing the 9,000 gear check bags at the Expo for the participants. For two days, we worked as a team and finished in record time. For Saturday, we were put to work helping with the Green Initiatives. We set up the recycle, compost and waste bins as well as scouring Washington Square Park picking up discarded items. Our eyes were opened to the tedious and necessary job of clean up and recycling.

The weekend was amazing for our family! We have a new respect for the Marathon Committee and the Kansas City Sports Commission staff; they do an awesome job with the Marathon.

It was another family memory. We worked, we played, we laughed, and we volunteered. Thank you Kansas City Marathon for providing us with a great backdrop for a terrific weekend!

The family that volunteers together stays together!

By Carol Kennedy