WIN for KC Women’s Sports Awards Celebration inspires many

Hageman-Wendy-90“I am confident and I am an athlete.” This message was delivered over and over again throughout the most incredible WIN for KC Sports Awards Celebration Luncheon I have ever attended and been a part of. I believe that every person in the room left that day feeling the same way. How much more powerful is this message when our guest speaker Amy Van Dyken-Roen begins her talk with “I am alive because I am an athlete?” There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! This was also because of the amazing athletes that were given awards this year.

2015 Award winners with Amy Van Dyken-Roen

2015 Award winners with Amy Van Dyken-Roen

Every year their stories inspire and motivate me and so many others to be active, to get moving, to make a difference, and to live healthy. This luncheon was no different. The videos of each of the award winners was once again the reason why so many people attend this luncheon year after year. They really gave us a look into the lives of the amazing people that we honored this year. In addition, Amy as the keynote speaker was funny, energetic, motivating and spot on with her message to never give up and to live for every day.

Six-time Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Van Dyken-Roen.

Six-time Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Van Dyken-Roen.

After the luncheon I had many women tell me that this was their first time to be exposed to WIN for KC and asked how they could get involved. Their excitement for the positive impact that we had made on them in such a short time was written all over their smiling faces. I had another woman tell me that she had signed up for her first Triathlon because she was so inspired by the message at the luncheon. And yet other women told me that we could start the luncheon with an hour social time because they loved coming to see their friends and this is the one time of the year that everyone is in the same place at the same time.

I am so very proud to have been a part of this organization for over 10 years and seeing the great things that we are doing in the community to empower girls and women through sports. This coming year is going to continue to push WIN for KC to higher levels with more membership event opportunities, an expanded Camp WIN serving close to 600 girls, and the most sought after women’s triathlon in the country.

Being an athlete has taught me the importance of teamwork, patience, confidence, endurance and flexibility which has been a huge contributor to my success as a manager and as a mom. It is so rewarding to be able to be a part of helping other girls and women see this potential in themselves through the use of sport.


WIN for KC Advisory Board with Amy Van Dyken-Roen.

By Wendy Hageman, Burns & McDonnell

Luncheon photos courtesy of Laura Fitzgibbons.