WIN for KC Youth Advisory Board is very active


Learning about Rowing

Our 2014-2015 WIN for KC Youth Advisory Board had a great last wrap up activity as we helped at the WIN for KC triathlon.  We were stationed at various activities ranging from handing out the medals & rally towels at the finish line to helping serve Chris Cakes to the participants.  It was a fun way to participate together at an inspiring event!  The group of ladies who have participated on the Youth Advisory Board this year have been amazing.

We are focused on the future as the 2014-2015 WIN for KC Youth Advisory Board wraps up.  Over the course of the year, Amabelle and I have worked to enhance this incredible program including reordering events and redesigning the Board application in order to get to know the girls who are applying.  We can’t wait to work with the new members who will make up the 2015-2016 WIN for KC Youth Advisory Board.  One of the major goals for the upcoming year is for everyone to get involved and to get to know each other.  We aim to build a community among board members who come from across the Kansas City area.  The future for the Board looks brighter than ever!

YouthAs the Youth Advisory Board year comes to a close this August, it is sentimental to look back on all the advances and accomplishments that Grace and I have worked very hard to see through this year.  Though I decided to be a co-chair during my senior year of high school, I have found it to be extremely rewarding to be present during a transition period for Win for KC.  With the success of the luncheon and the ever wonderful Amy Van Dyken.  Camp WIN almost doubling in numbers and the success of the revamped Live Active.  The new and improved Triathlon and the courageous and strong women who participate in it.

And, of course the announcement of our new partner, Nike!  Grace and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of an organization that promotes health, wellness, and overall leadership among women in the Kansas City area as well among those who have heard about its powerful message.  As I am sad to leave this community upon graduation and my continuation to college, I know that I was and will always be a member of WIN for KC and the Youth Advisory Board.

By Grace Corley and Amabelle Palomares