Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Triathlon will be held on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at Smithville Lake in Smithville, Mo.

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Check out these answers to some of the most commonly asked questions or email Stephanie Lankford, WIN for KC/Community Events Manager, at

What are the general event rules?Frequently Asked Questions

  • The WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. As such, all rules, waivers, and conditions required by USAT apply.  Click here for the official USA Triathlon Rules.
  • You are required to be a member of USAT on race day. You can get more information on the benefits of membership and sanctioning or purchase an annual membership at USAT Website. If you don’t have or want an annual membership, a single-day membership can be purchased for $15 when you register.
  • For the purpose of awards and USAT standings, you will be placed in a specific age group, determined by your age on December 31, 2016.
  • Annual USAT members will be REQUIRED to provide a USAT membership card AND photo ID to pick up her packet. No exceptions. Once registered, you may not transfer your entry to someone else. These are USAT sanctioning rules. If you purchased a single-day USAT license during registration, you will not get, nor will you need to provide a USAT membership card. However, you still need to present a valid photo I.D.
  • You MUST pick up your own packet. No exceptions will be made.
  • You are required to wear the swim cap provided to you in your race packet, you may not wear your own.
  • CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified helmets are required to be worn and buckled for the bike portion of the event and at any other time you are on your bike in the park.
  • Drafting on the bike is not permitted.
  • Radios, headphones, MP3 players, iPods, and CD players are not permitted on the course. This is for your safety. A violation may result in a variable time penalty.
  • Wet suits may or may not be allowed. We will follow USAT rules on wet suit usage. As per USAT rules, if the water temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or below then wet suits ARE allowed.  At 78.1 to 83.9 degrees Fahrenheit participants may wear a wet suit at their own discretion; however, wearing a wet suit in the temperature range will mean that the athletes are ineligible for awards.  At 84 degrees Fahrenheit and above wet suits are NOT permitted – this is for your own safety.  Daily water temps for Smithville Lake.
  • Baby joggers and bike trailers will not be permitted.
  • Bike racks will be provided in the transition area.

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan someone else pick up my race packet?

No. No one can pick it up for you and you cannot pick up someone else’s packet. If you need to pick up your packet the morning of the race, please plan for extra time to pick it up from the Gazebo. We do not recommend picking up your packet race morning unless absolutely necessary.

Photo ID: ALL athletes are required to show photo ID to pick up their packet and race number. NO ID, NO PACKET, NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes team participants. Youth athletes without an ID must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with a photo ID.

Do I need to check in the morning of the race?

Yes, everyone must check in at the body marking area at Sailboat Cove the morning of the race even if you have already picked up your packet. First, volunteers will draw your race number on your arms with a large permanent marker. New this year, your timing chip will be in your packet.  Make sure to listen to the public address announcer when you get to the race site for important updates and announcements. Click here for a map of race central.

You will not be asked to enter a swim time during registration. You can pick from two different start options. A time trial start where one woman enters the water every three seconds or the experienced triathlete wave start where a group of up to 50 women will enter the water at one time. If you choose to start in the wave start, you will be grouped with your age-group.

What if it rains or there is road construction?

We reserve the right to alter the course distances, delay the start time, or cancel the race entirely in the event of dangerous weather or other unexpected complications. However, we will not cancel the event just because of rain.  Refunds will not be given in case of race-day cancellation.

What is your refund policy?

We’ve all been there: You sign up for a race and something comes up and you can’t make it. We do not refund race entries or other fees associated with race registration.  Nor can we give refunds if the race is cancelled on race day due to costs associated with insurance, equipment rental, park fees, staff, food, and the coveted race shirts.

If we cancel the event on race day due to the threat of severe weather or other emergency, you can still pick up your race bag and shirt. However, you won’t get a refund and we won’t be sending shirts in the mail after the race.

Is the event open to team competition?

Yes. The race is open to two or three-woman teams competing in a relay style.

How old does a youth have to be?

The race is open to young women who are 12 and older as of 12/31/16.

How does the Team Transition work?

The same timing chip used by the individual racers will serve as your team “baton.”  At the bottom of the transition area (closest to the water) there will be a team box where hand offs will take place.  You can have all your bike gear on in the team box, but once you have the chip you will need to grab your bike off the bike rack.  The team bike racks will be really close to the team box.  When you return from the bike, you will rack your bike and hand off to your runner.  She can take off straight from there.

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy can’t my family help me set up in the Transition Area?

For safety and security reasons, no one except registered participants, official volunteers, and approved media will be allowed in the transition area. No family or friends are allowed inside the transition area at any time before, during, or after the race. Volunteers and security personnel will be posted to ensure the safety and security of everyone’s gear and equipment. You will be assigned a specific bike rack, but placement on each rack is on a first-come, first-served basis. A Transition Area Map is available on the Map page. When you arrive at the race site on race day, please go to the body marking area before entering the Transition Area.

What awards will be given?

Awards will be given for the top three female finishers overall, top three in each age division and for the top team.

2016 results
2015 results

2014 results

Will photos be available?

Yes! Thomas Photographic Enterprises will be shooting the event. You can visit their site after the race and purchase prints of your favorite moments. Thomas Photographic.

2016 photos
2015 photos

2014 photos

Where can I park?

Parking will be available just outside Sailboat Cove. However, you will need to pick up a parking permit during packet pickup. Once inside the parking area, participants and spectators will not be able to leave until triathletes are off of the bike course. CARPOOL PLEASE! This makes for a less stressful race morning with fewer cars and best of all reduces our carbon footprint on the environment!

Can I leave when I finish the race?

For the safety and security of every participant, no one will be allowed to take their bike out of transition or their car out of participant parking until the bike course is clear of all participants. No one was allowed to drive on the course while you were competing and we ask that you extend the other participants the same courtesy. There will be pancakes for every participant in the finish line festival and activities for children.  Please plan to stay and cheer on your fellow participants!

Frequently Asked QuestionsI’ve never done a triathlon before, why should I choose WIN to be my first tri?

  • Approximately half of the participants in the WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon are first timers.
  • The average finish time is 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • There are a variety of training opportunities, workshops and clinics that are offered through this triathlon.  Through these opportunities, you are able to learn from the best and most patient triathlon leaders in the Kansas City area.
  • The swim start includes a time trial start.  You do not have to enter the water with an entire group.
  • You enter the water with others who are about the same swim pace as yourself.
  • A fairly flat course that is first-timer friendly
  • There are over 200 volunteers throughout the course that are there to support and assist you when necessary.
  • Hundreds of spectators there to cheer you to the finish!
  • Epic Bike and Sport is on-site to assist with any and all bike questions, challenges and mishaps.

But the bottom line is YOU ARE AN ATHLETE!  You can do this!