'Roos claim top spot on WBCA Academic Honor Roll
The Missouri-Kansas City women’s basketball team is the top honoree in Division I on the WBCA Academic Top 25 Team Honor Roll for the 2013-14 season, the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association announced today.

Douglas Inspires Teen With Lupus
Douglas' example inspired Amarissa, 13, through a life-threatening illness and months of treatment. And what Amarissa got from her wish with Douglas earlier this month was far more than time with an idol from her favorite sport. After the cameras left, Gabby's family reached out again.

Volleyball in Vietnam: Lydia Ely's Inspiring Journey
Most college volleyball players spend their summers training, doing 6 a.m. workouts and spending time back home with their families. But not Mizzou junior Lydia Ely. She was part of a much bigger initiative this summer as she worked with `Coach for College' in Vietnam, teaching the game of volleyball and engaging with an entire community of youngsters, living in rural Vietnam for a little more than a month.

Girls in sports need to worry about their knees, study finds
A new study in Pediatrics, the journal for the American Academy of Pediatrics, found that anterior cruciate ligament injuries are on the rise, and girls are more likely to get this injury than their male friends.

Steering reluctant daughters to play sports
Research shows female athletes gain many benefits, but many girls are hesitant to play. Here's how to fix that.

Cancer cases linked to lack of exercise among women 'rising'
Women in the UK have the 10th highest rate in the world for cancers linked to a lack of physical activity, research has found. The estimated number of diagnosed cases of bowel, breast and womb cancers in 2012 was 78,935, about 12,000 of which could be prevented if people were more physically active, according to scientists.


Tailgate at FC Kansas City game
  • Wednesday, August 6

    Tailgate at FC Kansas City game

    Join WIN for KC for a tailgate party before the FC Kansas City 7 p.m. game! Tailgate starts at 5 p.m.  Current WIN for KC members will receive free food and one game ticket.  Non-WIN members pay $15 for the tailgate and one game ticket. Link to register coming shortly.

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